Let’s go back… back into time!

What we gonna do right here is go back
Way back
Back into time…

It was Jimmy Castor on Troglodyte (Caveman) that gave us that set of words and which is heavy sampled in the music industry! These words came in my mind when I decided to write this post.

So, what I am going to do is to take you back, way back, back into time when I was blogging actively and continuously. I do this so you can check what I was doing back then. My first blog was inside the Autoexec.gr community with the same name “BlackTrack”. My blog posts were in Greek, but those who don’t speak greek can get the idea.

The name came from my nickname which is Blackman and the well known security linux distro named BackTrack. I used to blog about interoperability, new tools, new technologies and security (pen test etc).

Some of my blogs were like:

How to trace a malware with netstat

My favorite console commands

Security tools for Windows

Trues and Lies about Wifi Cracking

Ok, I guess you get it! In this site you will be able to find similar topics, but also posts about self-advancement, management and business in general that will be combined in my own style of writing.

So, hop on and start checking this site!

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